The University System of Georgia (USG) recently updated the Human Resources Administrative Practice (HRAP) policies. The HRAP is the systemwide resource that defines policy and procedures for USG employees.  

Effective July 1, changes include a new policy on employee recruitment and revisions to the General Criteria for Employment and the Salary Increase Administration. In addition, Georgia Tech Human Resources revised the Employment of Foreign Nationals policy.  

Summaries and links to the policies are provided below.  

  • Employee Recruitment Policy – New  
    This new policy requires recruitment procedures to be free of any ideological tests, affirmations, and oaths, including diversity statements, in job posts and recruiting procedures.  

    The policy was issued in support of the USG Statement of Principles and policy on Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom, which both “affirm that USG values the diversity of intellectual thought and expression among students and faculty as well as the need for faculty to be unburdened by ideological tests, affirmations, and oaths.” 

    Read the USG Policy on Employee Recruitment.  
  • General Criteria for Employment – Updated 
    Mandatory employee training should be limited to that which complies with the policies, regulations, and laws of the Board of Regents, the state, and the federal government. No institution may initiate trainings that include affirmations, ideological tests, or oaths, including diversity statements.

    Individual units and departments are not permitted to mandate training for departmental employees beyond that approved by the institution’s president and chief human resources office.  

    Read the General Criteria for Employment Policy.  
  • Salary Increase Administration – Updated 
    The HRAP on Salary Increase Administration no longer requires the chancellor’s approval for salaries up to $125,000. Previously, this salary limit was $100,000. 

    Read the USG Salary Increase Administration Policy
  • Employment of Foreign Nationals – Updated 
    This policy has been updated to remove superfluous text and irrelevant procedural information, as well as focus the scope to only include foreign national employees under the purview of Human Resources. This update also removes restrictions for non-faculty positions that meet the definition of a specialty occupation to allow Global Human Resources to file nonimmigrant petitions for eligible staff positions.  

    Read the Employment of Foreign Nationals Policy.  

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