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Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) is launching the next phase of digitized performance management. On July 21, six-month probationary period evaluations will be live in the Performance Management @Tech module. 

This adds a second phase of the performance management cycle to the platform which launched in the spring with goal setting. 

“With the employee experience in mind, we are continuing to transform a process that has been historically cumbersome,” said Skye Duckett, vice president and chief human resources officer.  

By the end of 2023, all four phases of performance management will be managed within the platform: goal setting, six-month probationary period evaluations, self-assessments, and annual performance evaluations. 

“Committed to our strategic plan goal to promote efficient and effective practices, this initiative should positively impact the way staff engage with the performance management cycle, which is the best mechanism for measuring success, which leads to career growth and potential rewards,” said Duckett.  

Performance Management @Tech Timeline 

  • In April 2023, the system launched with the goal setting phase. 
  • In July 2023, the probationary period review form and process will go live on the performance platform. 
  • During the fourth quarter of 2023, annual evaluation forms will be added and ready for use in early 2024.     

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Understanding the Six-Month Probationary Evaluation 

Institute and Board of Regents policy requires that all classified employees serve the first six months of employment on a provisional basis. If the employee completes this period, the supervisor should review the employee’s performance for that period and advise the employee of their progress in meeting assigned job duties and responsibilities, as well as core competencies. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for the supervisor to review the employee’s developmental needs and formulate and communicate a development plan to improve performance. 


How the System Works  

Once the six-month probationary evaluation module launches, it will begin to track all new hires and notify their supervisors to set job responsibilities and goals that will be evaluated after the completion of the first 6-months of employment. Additionally, the system will send reminders at 30-day intervals.  

For any employees who started working before  July 1, the existing paper process is still necessary, and the required form can be found on the GTHR website.  

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